Rain Is Expecting Pups In May

We’ve bred Rain and Storm again.  The last time these two had a litter, they went fast.  Many happy new owners from the last litter!  We can provide letters of satisfaction.  Females $800 and Males $600. Image

Call or text 701-371-2738.  Email: shearerringneckhunter@hotmail.com.


Typical British Black Lab

Typical British Black Lab

All 11 Pups Placed in New Homes!

We’re pleased to say that all 11 puppies have been safely and happily placed with new families. We’re looking forward to updates from the new families as the pups grow. We’ll be posting photos here as we’re notified. One of the fun parts for us has been learning what they’ve been named. So far we’ve heard back from “Willow” (she already obeys the command to ‘sit’), “Gage” (guess he loves to retrieve!), “Samson” (who is doing real well with potty training and the command ‘come’), and “Chas” (his name is short for a famous old British author). Rain is back to her happy old self, playing and getting reacquainted with Sky and Storm. She’s happy to be back sharing space on our son’s bed at night as well.






Dog Rules

Dog Rules

Puppies are selling!

All girls are gone and just seven males left.  You can have a pup by as early as next week, begin training, and he’ll be ready to hunt with you by this fall!!

What’s With The Names

During the summers here in Fargo, the whole family works for Memory Fireworks.  We’re addicted.  Our family runs the North Fargo store.  It’s a family owned business, and the owners are from North Dakota.  They treat us like family.  So when we started thinking of adding British Labs to our “family” a few years ago, naturally, we thought of our favorite fireworks displays.

Crashing Rainbow is a 200 gram multishot.  It’s fast moving with lots of color, variety, crackle, and comets.

Sky Buster!  Now that’s a loud one if you like loud.  It’s hard to find now, but we managed to save a few for our own private stash.

Pyro Storm Chaser is another exciting, colorful 200 gram multishot.  Technically the names just Storm Chaser, but we thought this male lab had such great looks that he needed a real great name.  So we tacked on the Pyro part to his name.  Sometimes we wish he didn’t live up to his name.  He’s an active one.  He’s so full of energy on the field and in the back yard.

And just in case whoever reads this may love fireworks like us, we’ve provided the link to our website below:



Four Weeks Old

Four Weeks Old

Pups are awake more and playing a lot!