British Lab Families–One Year Later

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This is Rylee!  He is now 55 lbs. and very loved by his owners, Ryan and Morgan.  Rylee has learned to sit, shake, lay down, speak, and more. He really loves hunting and he even goes fishing!  A true outdoors fan!

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Trigger went home with Tara at 6 1/2 weeks.  She could not wait any longer!  He has been a blessing to the “family.  He was greeted by two other labs – Hunter and Ziva!  He plays hard and never tires of running after that ball.  Trigger weighs around 55 lbs. now.  What a beautiful dog!!  He’s had some formal training and has performed excellently, even bringing home an award or two.

Tigger came out to visit and paused for a “family photo” between Rain and Storm.


This is Gauge and he  belongs to Molly and Joe.  He’s weighing in around 55 lbs and is as healthy and happy as can be!  He loves everything about the outdoors; it’s difficult to keep him out of the lake during the summer.  Swimming is one of his favorite pasttimes.  He will spend hours in the lake on any given summer day.  He’s been doing very well with hunting this fall!  And, he will soon be protecting a new addition to the family–no, not another puppy, but Molly and Joe’s baby!  Laps will be crowded when the baby comes, as Gauge still loves to “cuddle.”  Molly says, “we absolutely love him!”


Hi Linda, thank you for emailing me.  My husband and I think about your dogs and puppies frequently.  I tell everyone I can think of that would want a lab to call you guys.  Unfortunately, my in laws were the primary people who could have got one and they found out about your litter just a few weeks too late after they already got a new puppy.  My father-in-law seriously thought about second right away when he found out about your up coming litter, but he has his heart set on a yellow.  Drake is absolutely amazing.  I cannot tell you how many compliments we get on him every day when people meet him.  He is literally the smartest dog myself, my family and my husband’s family has ever met.  In fact my father-in-law, who has owned labs his whole life, just couldn’t stop talking about how we are never going to have another dog as great as Drake, two weekends ago when he was here duck hunting with my husband and brother-in-law.  Unfortunately, I can’t convince him and have talked him to death trying to talk him into contacting you for a brother or sister of Drake.

 My husband has trained Drake on his own primarily using Dokken videos.  We took him to a hunt test last spring but he had not had a chance to work with ducks yet so he did retrieve the first one but wouldn’t take the second one.  But after duck hunting two weekends ago that won’t be a problem next year.  He is so amazingly calm at home, he is my cuddle bug on the couch every morning for coffee.  He used to get to sleep in our bed until we got our female, but that was too much and I wasn’t getting any sleep because like I said he’s a cuddle bug and would literally lay on me all night so he sleeps in his kennel in our room same as our female, Taya.  We actually live in town and have a fenced yard.  We don’t have any children and Drake is my first baby and Taya is my second baby and they would be treated like that regardless of if we have/had children.  My husband actually joined the kennel club this spring out west of town here in Grand Forks just to have a place to take them to run and train.  So almost every Sunday morning and two to three times a week we head out after work and they both get a good hour or so of run around time and training.  We gave training on Sundays a code name “Church” because  Drake knows if we say or spell ride or training. We want to live in the country though and are always looking  at properties with our biggest drive just having the ability to have the space and freedom for them to be able to be off leash.  Training labs is something we have both discovered is something we both really enjoy that we never really did before since having Drake and now Taya.
Since we introduced our family to Drake, my in laws have gotten a black male British lab, my brother and sister in law have gotten a  yellow female British lab and a yellow male British lab.  So our family is all British labs with 5 total British labs now all because of how great Drake ended up being.
I will have my husband send some pictures and some videos of Drake and of him training for you guys, we are so thankful for you guys for having him, and can’t imagine our life without him in it.
If I run across anyone else I’ll definitely give them your information.  Give Storm and Rain a great big kiss from me and tell them thank you for their gorgeous boy.

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