All 11 Pups Placed in New Homes!

We’re pleased to say that all 11 puppies have been safely and happily placed with new families. We’re looking forward to updates from the new families as the pups grow. We’ll be posting photos here as we’re notified. One of the fun parts for us has been learning what they’ve been named. So far we’ve heard back from “Willow” (she already obeys the command to ‘sit’), “Gage” (guess he loves to retrieve!), “Samson” (who is doing real well with potty training and the command ‘come’), and “Chas” (his name is short for a famous old British author). Rain is back to her happy old self, playing and getting reacquainted with Sky and Storm. She’s happy to be back sharing space on our son’s bed at night as well.






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